Jacaranda - St Mary's Cathedral - October

Street Trees

One of the (many) great things about living in subtropical Queensland is the range of street trees which put on a display during the year.  Here are some of the spring & summer ones which I’ve enjoyed:

October - Jacaranda I

October - Jacaranda II

Jacaranda - St Mary's Cathedral - October

December - Poinciana I

December - Poinciana II

Poinciana native

Now THAT is a Christmas tree!

February - Ivory Curl I

Beloved by bees

February - Ivory Curl III

I look forward to featuring other street trees as the seasons change – frangipani, crepe myrtle, camellia and others are (hopefully) future posts.

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8 thoughts on “Street Trees

  1. Jacarandas have to be my favourite. Haven’t seen one in England :(

    • Yes, I don’t think you’d see too many of our street trees thriving in England! Flowering jacarandas here are (for students) traditionally the sign that “it’s time to seriously study” for the end of year exams. Mind you, if you wait till October to start studying… could be a bit late :)

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  3. Oh these are really flourishing trees, some of my favourites too, thank you for the memories you have just awoken.
    These grow in Cyprus although I have never see them looking quite so healthy, they call the red one the flamboyant tree – very apt I think!

    • We had flooding here in Sth East Queensland in January 2011 and a very wet summer. 9 to 12 months later, the street trees were all glorious this year – I guess because they have all had a very good soaking. The poinciana tree in the picture is in the backyard of an old couple who planted it 50 years ago, and they say it is the best it has ever flowered.

  4. Veronica Morriss on said:

    Stunning photos! I love the Jacarandas…we have one in our yard in Hawaii :)

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