Pip & Pop

Pip & Pop have a huge exhibit at GoMA at the moment entitled “We miss you magic land” in the Childrens’ Gallery area.  It’s fun, definitely pitched to kids and has cool computer-based activities connected with it as well which my kids really liked.

It’s all a bit ‘trippy’ for my tastes, but certainly spectacular (see the gallery below – click the pictures for full size slideshow) – and your kids will probably love it too.

“We miss you magic land” is free at GoMA and finishes in early March, so if you are keen to see it – be quick!

I promise that this is the last blog post about GoMA for a while – I have other art galleries to haunt ;) – and here are links to my other posts from the same (photographically productive) day.

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Across Country (one of my favourites)

Look Now, See Forever – Yayoi Kusama

Cloisonné (another of my favourites)

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9 thoughts on “Pip & Pop

  1. Loving the photos!

  2. Beautiful pictures and incredible exhibition. Pity is so far to me…but that what you achieve with your blog bring what is happening in your world to the rest of us.

  3. Every girls dream bedroom…lovely pictures

  4. Nice shot of the lamp on the bottom-left. Looks like an interesting exhibit.

    • thanks – that was actually fibre optic bundles sprouting from red reflective cloverleafs, hanging from the roof (trippy, as I said…). You can (hopefully) tell that I was trying to get the reflection sharp and the actual fibres in the foreground just pleasantly OOF!

  5. Wow – your photos really accentuate the exhibits psychedelic character. How very cool, and very bizarre!

  6. I guess I just like all your posts!

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