Pollen-bloated bee,
60mm f/2.8 1/250 ISO100,
subject distance 320mm

Little Life

Newsflash: Insects are small.  And they move.  For these reasons (and others such as shallow Depth of Field for close subjects) taking macro shots of insects is, usually, just plain hard work.  90% of the shots are not good enough to share, but occasionally I get some that are worthwhile.

I’ve added the EXIF settings to the pics to follow on from a discussion with Jeremy about macro shots and depth of field etc.

click the pics for full size.  In the full size pics you will see the pollen on the bee’s head and leg if you look closely (the web-quality pics don’t really do it justice so I have included a blow-up).


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9 thoughts on “Little Life

  1. Wow! Amazing photos. What camera and lens if u don’t mind me asking. Asking cause I’m thinking of taking the plunge and finally buying a dslr.

  2. Great photos! Thanks for the shout-out, too :) I especially like the dragon fly and the grasshopper.

    Thanks for sharing the EXIF data; 60mm may be long enough for me, after all.

    • well, as I said in my (much longer) answer earlier – we’d all love a 180mm Canon L series macro – but it costs about 3 – 4 times what my little 60mm macro cost. I think the 60mm is a fine lens, and I wish I could post some portrait work here to show you how good it is at that too (but I don’t put private pics here).

  3. Alaska Girl at Heart on said:

    Fantastic macro shots. Thanks for sharing.

  4. amazing pictures! really beautiful – and that’s saying something when I am not a great fan of insects ;) thanks for sharing

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