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Dusk & Dawn

Timelapse sequence 2: first and last frames

Canon 60D today. Snapper Rocks looking across Rainbow Bay to Greenmount and sunset. Radian panning 30 degrees clockwise over 70 minutes & 1400 photos.



First and last frames: timelapse

Shot today. Canon 450D. Rainbow Bay looking to Surfers.



Jacaranda season

Getting a couple of timelapse shoots in before the flowers drop. I reckon that they’ll all be gone by next weekend.IMG_7297.JPG


Jacarandas timelapse

Making the most of a day off – here is my setup for a dusk timelapse with the jacarandas in full bloom.

Edit: looking gorgeous now:


Circular Quay timelapse

Here is a preview image showing my setup at Circular Quay. Shooting with a 10mm (16mm equivalent) lens so should be interesting!Circular Quay-7144

Full Moon Rise at dusk

This frame shows my timelapse setup – see the lens barrel at left. Should turn out nicely thanks to the cooperative cargo ship :)


Caloundra – Setup shots for timelapse


A couple of shots illustrating my setup for 2 short timelapses this morning.


Cotton Tree Timelapse frames

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I shot a timelapse yesterday at Cotton Tree – a beautiful (and popular!) spot where the Maroochy River flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy these frames – the timelapse video should be available in a few days :)

Watercolour Dawn

Dawn at Duranbah Beach courtesy of Waterlogue

Second Shooter

Me, taken by my “second shooter” Miss Ten at dusk today.

Froggies Beach timelapse frames






Rush Hour

5am at Snapper Rocks: Rush Hour for photographers.


Rainbow Bay timelapse

Setup pictures and some early frames from a sunset timelapse of Rainbow Bay beach (taken from Snapper Rocks).

Sunset was not very colourful but the early frames still have plenty of beauty :)







Revisiting some shots from early 2013.  I hope to be back here again in the next few weeks.  Shot with my wife’s camera the trusty 450D.

Storms at Sunset

Storms at sunset: a Queensland summer tradition.

Early frames from a time lapse.

Sunset in 1:13

This is the video I mentioned yesterday – 2152 photos in 1:13 – (best viewed fullscreen – this is 1080p HD video).  Enjoy!

Music: Prelude No. 22 by Chris Zabriskie (

“Argyle” sunset timelapse

2013-12-27 14.53.07Stills from my timelapse shoot yesterday evening at the family farm “Argyle”.

This deserted old worker’s cottage made a perfect focus object.

Compiling the timelapse video now and I’ll post it – if it’s any good!

Timelapse Stills from 23 Nov

I hope you enjoy these frames from my timelapse project last night.

Gallery of Modern Art Kurilpa Bridge timelapse frame
Gallery of Modern Art Kurilpa Bridge timelapse frame
Brisbane River timelapse frame
Brisbane River timelapse frame

I had some serious trouble with the new Triggertrap app v 2.0, which is causing a few problems with the timelapse sequence – but I think I will be able to salvage something worthwhile from them.

Shining Sea

a brief timelapse shot at Mooloolaba Spit on Monday night (best viewed fullscreen in HD – this is 1080p video):

Point Cartwright at dusk


A clear warm windy evening created a few opportunities:

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