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“Spring Awakening” by Harold Parker (mildly NSFW)

This fantastic sculpture is in the Qld Art Gallery Courtyard.  You can eat your lunch sitting in the courtyard – it’s rather salubrious :).

Harold Parker - Spring Awakening, in the QAG Courtyard
Harold Parker – Spring Awakening, in the QAG Courtyard

The Rocks

Dawn walk, The Rocks, Sydney.

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Night Lights, Sydney

Work has been kicking me pretty hard lately, sorry for the lack of blog posts. I think this is the first time that I have gone 3 weeks without posting since I started this, and I’ll try not to do it again.

Some gear news:  I have had the 60D in for a ‘grease and oil change’ (sensor clean etc.) recently – and am hoping to get a decent flash unit for my birthday next week.  Should be interesting learning to use a flash properly – at the moment, I just leave the on-camera flash turned off basically.

Here are some “Night Lights” shots taken on my Sydney trip in mid-October – I went down for work, but managed to pack the camera :).  I am really happy with these pics, so hope you enjoy them too!

Buttons Buttons Buttons

Stunning shop window display at this shop Buttons Buttons Buttons in Sydney’s Rocks.

Beautifully lit, eye-catching and effective – I was passing early in the morning before dawn and simply had to break out the 50mm lens.

I’m not even interested in buttons, but I went back later to buy some as souvenirs for the girls :) .

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Min Min light, Dale Weston

More from Dale Weston as part of the This Land Our Land exhibition.

‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ exhibit

Above: “A wake” by Judith Wright

More art from the recent “Contemporary Australia: Women’ exhibit at Gallery of Modern Art.

“The mystery of beauty left me standing still and silent” by Monica Tichacek
“Over and Over / Again and Again” by Rose Nolan

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Wild Thing!

Above: Wild Things by Troy Emery

Wild Thing is an exhibit in the Children’s Gallery at the Ipswich Art Gallery – part of an interactive art, craft and activity gallery for kids.

Dangerous Company, After the gold rush, and Wild Things by Troy Emery


Emerald Python by Troy Emery

GoMA: Sandra Selig and Louise Weaver

These artworks are also part of the current “Contemporary Australia: Women’ exhibit at Gallery of Modern Art.

prisms remember you, Sandra Selig

‘prisms remember you’ may do interesting things to your camera if you try to use autofocus – good luck!

Much Deeping (in front of Bird Hide), Louise Weaver
Hiding in plain sight, and Bird Hide, Louise Weaver

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Pistil, Hiromi Tango

This massive 2 story ‘hands on’ installation is part of the “Contemporary Australia: Women’ exhibit at Gallery of Modern Art.  Very popular with the kids.

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This Land Our Land – Dale Weston

“This Land Our Land” is a new exhibition by Dale Weston, Sally Harrison and Annie Clarke at Ipswich Art Gallery, which I visited today.

There is some fantastic work by Dale Weston and Sally Harrison in particular.

Dale Weston says about the exhibition:

“I am a descendant of the Wadyigny and Gayiri peoples of the Northern Territory and central Queensland.  I love to paint memories of my early childhood and youth, but my greatest pleasure is to paint traditional stories about birds, animals and sea creatures.  My paintings are designed to inspire and inform others about my culture and ensure that these stories are preserved for future generations.”

[click any picture for fullsize slideshow]

I wasn’t happy with my photos of the Sally Harrison works so will have to re-visit to get some better ones.

Drops on a leaf (2)

All the way back to the same leaf:

Brisbane Valley

Sunday drive through Fernvale, Glamorgan Vale and Lowood.

[click any picture for full size slideshow]

Drops on a leaf

2 metres from my back door :)

Early morning light

Early morning light.

50mm at f/1.4 -2.0.

Old glass door, dawn

I like old glass just a bit too much:  see more of it here:


My niece’s wedding bouquet, from yesterday evening – outside at night, lit only by candlelight – 30s exposure.

And the bridesmaids’ bouquet:

Bridesmaid's bouquet
ISO250, 50mm, f/2.8, 3.2s - SOOC

The Buderim Studio

Above: The freakish looking “bat plant”

My parents have an extensive tropical garden on a steeply sloping block, at their house at Buderim.  It is their recreation (seems like a lot of hard work to me!) and their pride and joy.  It really is of show /”open garden” quality, though they don’t open it for show (except for a few flower entries in the local garden club show).

When I first bought my DSLR I spent a weekend learning to use it in their garden and I have shot there regularly since.  Here are a few pictures from the Easter weekend:


Gum tree leaves in silhouette, at dusk

Traffic Light Painting

We’re getting away to the coast for Easter.  A bit of light painting made the painful trip in peak hour traffic a bit more bearable.  Apologies for the bumps (cars move you know) and good luck guessing what some of these are :)

Discovery Centre, Qld Museum

The Queensland Museum is 150 years old and the South Bank site has just been extensively renovated.

It has some fantastic features for kids now – all free.  The new Discovery Centre is particularly good for kids:

Hands on exhibits for the kids - Discovery Centre
Phasmatodea (Stick Insects) in a glass case for the kids to see. These things are huge - 50cm long
MicroEye Projection Microscopes - great fun for kids
Butterflies Display
Renovations - new staircases
Beetles - Discovery Centre & main Qld Museum collection
From Little Things, Big Things Grow exhibit - Qld Museum

Cloisonné – Ah Xian

I was back at GoMA last weekend and had to revisit this work, which I think is just brilliant.

I’ve experimented a bit with a combination of B&W and colour in these pics – not sure if I’m happy with the results – let me know what you think!

Ah Xian’s work Human human – lotus, cloisonné figure 1

Another of Ah Xian’s works ‘Human human – Bust No.5’ is also on display – it’s a bit confronting for my taste, but a nice contrast to these other pictures.

Human human – Bust No.5

My other post with pictures of Ah Xian’s work is here: Cloisonné.

Art Glass

These glass art works are on display at Queensland Art Gallery.  Quite stunning.

Bowl: Waves by Matthew Larwood

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